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“ Avisceral Journey Connecting The Human Soul
with The Spirit of Nature ”

We are committed to leaving a better place on this planet and to raise levels of consciousness. We recall the surfing history of the world’s most popular, and yet often, most-challenged resort-island, while focusing on the eco-system, which is hanging in the balance due to massive dumping of plastic in the ocean and devastation caused by the palm oil industry. We hope to inspire others to take environmental and social action.



Surf Film pioneer Dick Hoole filmed the seminal years in Kuta and the Bukit with partner Jack McCoy for the landmark surf films Tubular Swells (1976) and Storm Riders (1982). Hoole’s amazing film archive will be a major part of Drawn to the Rhythm’s appeal to all who yearn for, or cherish their memories of those simpler times in paradise.


Arriving the season after Hoole and McCoy, writer Phil Jarratt often worked with the two cameramen, documenting Bali’s coming of age as a surfing destination for Australia’s Tracks magazine. Jarratt’s research for his book, Bali Heaven and Hell will form the backbone of Drawn to the Rhythm’s storyline representing 40 years of fascination with Bali.


McCoy relocated to Australia from Los Angeles in 1970 and began taking photographs, which regularly appeared in Tracks Magazine. In 1990 Billabong hired Jack to produce a series of marketing videos that were a class above the rest. McCoy has joined forces with Drawn to the Rhythm to present the history of the surfing in Bali.


Producer Karen Donald has lived and surfed in Bali for 10 years. Her first film, Oney Anwar Chasing the Dream, is an award-winning documentary about a young surfer on his epic journey from a remote jungle village, to his debut on the WSL. Her film making style is about creating an entertaining story.


Weber is the co-founder and music director of the Bali Spirit Festival, an annual celebration of yoga, dance, and music, bringing together leading Indonesian and international artists who have a rare and precious ability to remind us of the higher aspects of humanity. Robert’s studio will record Drawn to the Rhythm’s original sound track.


Executive Producer Nick Redfearn is an intellectual property and media lawyer. He surfs and lives permanently in Bali. Redfearn is also Deputy CEO and Partner of Rouse. Nick’s 15 years of Asian experience has led him to run anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy work throughout Asia. Nick’s experience will enhance Drawn to the Rhythm’s structure.


Gerry Lopez Talks About His First Surf at UluWatu.

By the mid-'70s, Balinese surfers Ketut Menda, Made Kasim, and Gede Narmada had joined well-known visitors such as Gerry Lopez, Peter McCabe, and Jim Banks in Uluwatu's lineup

posted on June 04, 2015

Alby’s Tales of Filming in Bali 1972

Albert Falzon filmed Steve Cooney and Rusty Miller riding perfect four- to eight-foot Peak and Racetrack waves for his seminal Morning of the Earth surf film.

posted on June 03, 2015


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